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WUTE T-Shirt

T-Shirts make a great present. Please note that sizes are limited in each style.

Be sure the size is listed under the style that you order.  Shirts will be shipped out once a week by USPS anywhere in the U.S.

MENS SHIRTS $20 each                                Shipping Cost= Add $2 per T-Shirt   

Purple 100% cotton    Small,  Medium

Black 100% cotton** fitted style    XL. Medium, Small  (unisex)

                                                                                                                  Rust  100% cotton  XL  ( Picture Not Available )

Gray 100% cotton   Large, XL


WOMEN’S SHIRTS $20 each                                          Shipping Cost= Add $2 per T-Shirt   

Purple V neck  100% cotton  Small ( Picture Not Available)

Heather Purple  50% cotton/poly  Small, Large, XL   scoop neck 

Black 100% cotton  Small , Medium ( Picture Not Available )

Orange  V neck 100% cotton  Small, Medium ,Large, XL  wider cut


YOUTH $12 each                                                                   Shipping Cost= Add $2 per T-Shirt       

Purple 100% cotton, 12 month, 24 month, 3 year,  XS(6-8)  Small(8-10)   Medium (10-12) Large (12-15)


​**** Shirts are $20 each for Men & Women Sizes & $12 for Youth  add $2 per T-Shirt  for shipping 

**** We will not be accepting any refunds, exchange or returns.  All sales are final and proceeds go to Spontaneous Celebrations

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